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Most new writers have ditched the dog-eared notebooks and picked up the mouse and keyboard so it seemed logical that the Logical Writing Method should be published as an E-Book.

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Read more about the author at the author's page or take a peek inside at the opening pages which includes the contents and the first two chapters.


An extract of the book which introduces the method is included below:

Writing isn’t something you have to be born good at.

Being good at Maths or Science does not mean that you have no imagination, nor does it mean you will never see your ideas in print.

But if it is not instinctive, if it doesn’t come naturally, then all you need are some step by step instructions.
From learning out how to write myself, I have developed this logical method in order to help the writer in everyone come out to play.

Some of the method is becoming instinctive, as it will with you, but I have captured the essence of it and present it here before it has been lost into my unconscious.


It is a method I use myself whenever I want to put pen to paper or fingers to keys. It is deliberately easy on the surface but the detail has substance.

The basic method is as follows:

  • What to Write? - The first stage is to find something you want to write about.
  • Start to Write! - The second stage is to start writing.
  • Get it Right! - The third stage is to change until it is right.

Each of these steps is described in some detail, with fully worked out examples and a cheat sheet is included at the end of the book. It highlights each of the stages and key tools you need to employ to make your writing better.

It includes:

  • How to generate and elaborate on ideas.
  • How to write those ideas down and develop them.
  • How to develop new opinions, perspectives and viewpoints.
  • How to identify and develop characters, events, objects and places.
  • How to present and review your work.
  • How to get help or prepare for publishing.

James Michael Stephenson.


The book and website are published by GeckoFoot. Copyrighted material ©2010.

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"I've always wanted to write but never quite knew where I should start!"
Thomas, London UK

"The Logical Method has helped me write better and become a more successful author."
Colin Coppard,

"I was never much good at creative writing but this has finally helped me write some words worth reading!"
Damon, Tauranga NZ

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